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blackberrycamabel 05-05-2011 01:27 AM

Battery Usage sucks. Please help.
I recently reverted back to my blackberry (I use to own an HTC HD2), and before the battery usage was amazing, but lately it will be turning off. I would have full battery and it randomly just turns off. And I will take out the battery and put it back it, turn it out and once it loads, the battery status would be half a bar. Clearly something is wrong here. I took out most of the apts I don't use such as Facebook and some themes I had. Oh yea I forgot to mention, the way I would get the battery status back to normal, I would leave out the battery for about 30 minutes and put it back together and it will be back to normal. But once it gets to about 3 bars and completely turns off on me. Even after robotting, it still won't work. It will be half a bar.
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devnull 05-05-2011 05:04 AM

Re: Battery Usage sucks. Please help.
Read the following and possibly try a new battery.

Maximum Battery Life - BlackBerryFAQ

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