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thome 05-29-2011 12:17 PM

phone book problem
Hi I am based in Kenya and I am having problems with my curve.

when i have a contact's number format as +254xxxxxxxx, when that person sends me an sms, his/her name shows up. But when they ring me, it just shows up as a number (no name) so I don't know who is actually ringing me.

But when I change the contact's number format to 07xxxxxxxx, their name shows up when they ring me, but when they send me an sms, their names don't, only the number appears!

Please help as this is doing my head in. Is there a specific format that I should be following? . It is annoying not knowing who is ringing me and having to ask "who is this?"

thanks in advance!

samnyemba 06-08-2011 01:25 AM

Re: phone book problem
Set up your Smart Dialing options properly.
Go to:
Call Log -> Menu -> Options -> Smart Dialing ->
-Country Code: +254
-Area Code: delete any thing there
-National Number Length: 9
-> Menu -> Save -> Escape
Then try dialing the numbers (+254xxx... and 0xxx...) again this should fix your problem.
If problem persists, reduce the National Number Length from 9 to 5 and test dialing the numbers (+254xxx... and 0xxx...) again.
If after doing all the above, the problem persists then upgrade your phones OS.
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