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Intellovator 06-28-2011 10:23 PM

E-mail not always received when e-mail recipient added to SMS send.
I have a 8330m on MetroPCS.

Is anybody aware of a problem and remedy when sending an SMS and adding an e-mail recipient too, where the e-mail is never received though the SMS has gone through? Many (maybe most) e-mails go through and some do not.

I am a consultant who sends an SMS text to another individual upon arrival to and departure from my various client locations. I also copy one of my e-mail addresses on the message (Add Recipient) as my personal time record. Much to my dismay, I've found out that not all of the e-mails have been received. I have inbound filters on my e-mail and have just let a quantity of messages sit in a separate folder until I wanted to verify/reconcile my time reports. With missing messages, I am concerned my time reports may be off and I won't know it.

Once I noticed some missing messages (arrival recorded but no departure and vice versa), I did some tests. Same story, some e-mails made it and some did not. I've done a thorough search of all my e-mail. The messages never made it.

Thanks in advance for a solution, clue or even recognition of the problem.

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