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chuy_juarez 02-28-2012 11:12 AM

Uncaught exception
Hello everybody! Iím having sudden problems with my Antique Blackberry 8350i, since I have no other options and Nextel (Mexico) does not have a clue about how this unit works I come to the masses! Every time I turn my BB on a notice appears:

Uncaught exception:
Application Registry.waitFor

Any ideas? I have searched everywhere about this particular "Uncaught exception" but it seems no one knows about it, I have absolutely no installed applications! As always thanks to all who help make this forum a good place to surf!


PS: I have no SIM Card Installed because I need to use it in another unit!

Dubdub 02-28-2012 05:48 PM

Re: Uncaught exception
Those are hard to diagnose and fix. What did you do to the device just before this happened the first time?

It is typically an incompatible app or theme that causes the problem.
the best way to fix it is is to wipe the device with Jl_cmdr (see our FAQ) and reinstall the OS. Make sure that you have a good backup before wiping it.

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