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holiday 08-11-2012 10:40 PM

Recently Unlocked 8310 issues on T-Mobile

I have an older 8310 that was locked to at&t, unlocked, and now using it on t-mobile.

I already have a BB internet (BIS) plan through T-Mobile.

The phone, text, and picture messages all work fine. Voice mail works fine. Was able to register the device on T-Mobile's network. The internet does work as well. However I am having the following issues:

1. Will not play youtube or any other online videos. I assume this is due to the OS version being lower than 4.5? This is running currently, which I assume is the orginal OS. Can I upgrade the OS and if so, what is the most stable supported version to use?

2. Cannot get a BB Desktop Manager to work with this device? Where can I download the proper version of BBDM for this device? Why are all the older versions so hard to find? What is the correct BBDM software for this device?

3. How can I get the proper version of BlackBerry Maps for this device, and where is the BB Maps icon? Did I lose it when I unlocked the phone?

Any other hints or tips for this specific scenario, i.e. using at&t unlocked BlackBerry 8310 on T-Mobile's network? Thanks.

aiharkness 08-11-2012 11:43 PM

Re: Recently Unlocked 8310 issues on T-Mobile
1. Are you using YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.? If there is a chance of it working on your OS version, that is the URL you need to use. I can't remember back that far whether I was using it on 4.2 or even 4.5.

Check the forum for your series and the latest OS thread at the top. I know you psoted at crackberry as well, so check the latest OS threads there too. As far as best, I don't know.

Some advice: Make sure ahead of time you are prepared to downgrade if you aren't happy. You will lose some free memory and you may notice a performance hit. You may want to go back.

2. There are not device specific versions of Desktop Manager. The latest version should work with old devices, so far as I know. But if you do want to use an older version, there is a sticky thread here on the board with links. Just search.

However, you need to troubleshoot problems connecting to the device. There is a sticky thread here on the board and also a KB article on Again, search and you will find them.

3. I know AT&T hides, or at least in the past hid BlackBerry Maps. That may be your issue. I'm not the best to advise on this. See what others say. In the mean time, once you get Desktop Manager working for you, make sure BlackBerry Maps is installed, and then make sure the icon is not hidden. I believe if you've been able to activate the device on T-Mobile and get the service books, then you should have BlackBerry Maps, but I don't know.
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