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tanim95 06-21-2010 12:55 AM

World Edition-style browser settings on Curve 8530?
Hello all,

I have been the owner of two Verizon BlackBerrys - my first was the World Edition 8830, and the second (and current) one is the Curve 8530.

On the 8830, there were two features of the browser that I really liked:

(1) When I rolled the trackball up and down the page, the cursor would automatically jump to just the hyperlinks

(2) Pages always seemed to fit perfectly on the screen

On the 8530, the cursor behaves like that of a computer mouse - it doesn't automatically jump to hyperlinks. And, it seems like I am constantly having to zoom in on many web pages to make them readable.

The 8830 had a setting for "Mobile view" under OPTIONS >> GENERAL PROPERTIES. On the 8530, the closest thing I've found (also under Options >> General Properties) is an option that lets you switch between "Page View" and "Column View". Neither of these, however, seems to make the changes that I'm looking for.

I'm guessing I'm in the minority here...but is there any way to make the 8530's browser behave like the 8830's browser in this regard? If not, is there any way to safely load an older operating system on the 8530 that would allow for this compatibility? The last OS I had loaded on the 8830 (before losing the ability to update it, due to said USB issue) was version

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