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MrCD 11-20-2010 11:15 PM

Can't get songs on media card...or well at least
Ok, so I recently bought a 4GB Lexar Micro SD Card. I use Windows 7, and have enabled mass media storage. I have tried to put songs on it in two different ways. The first way was through the media center, but everytime I started that a window pops up that disconnects it from the media center (the window gives me two option either to 'scan and fix' the removable drive or to 'continue without scanning'. Either way the window continues to pop up and keeps kicking me out of the media center). The second way was to directly copy and paste the mp3 files onto the removable drive, under the media folder. When I do it this way, that window also pops up but much much less, but after I get all the music on my blackberry doesn't recognize it.

has anyone ran into this problem or know how to help, its getting really frustrating.

JSanders 11-20-2010 11:19 PM

Re: Can't get songs on media card...or well at least
After you moved moved your mp3 files to the Media Card by the copy and paste method, do a reboot on your BlackBerry > With the BlackBerry powered ON, remove the battery a minute, replace it and reboot. Let the BlackBerry sit a couple minutes after the reboot is complete so that it can scan the media card as it needs to do so.

Now, try to play the music.

MrCD 11-21-2010 12:03 AM

Re: Can't get songs on media card...or well at least
it says that a media card has been inserted that contains errors. Do I wish to repair the media car now? either way if i hit yes or no, the files still don't show up in my media.

**edit** Nevermind I got it to work by plugging it in again and letting windows repair the media card
thanks for the advice

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