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Mckwoods 12-08-2010 11:05 PM

White Screen - Blackberry Curve 8520
Blackberry Curve 8520 -
Dropped it, cracked the screen. I replaced the screen with a brand new LCD and put a piece of electrical tape over the solder points on the motherboard in case it was short circuiting. After I put the battery in, the red LCD illuminates and a few seconds later, the screen will light up. The LCD show a blank white screen (no hour glass) The screen stays white and when the phone is on, you can hear the sound of the battery low warning. If i press any button, i can hear a very quiet buzzing sound when the button is pressed and if i put the speaker right against my ear(Very quit buzzing).

(I must add that it cannot be the screen, the old cracked screen started up white aswell) Any suggestions?

psplova45 12-13-2010 12:32 PM

Re: White Screen - Blackberry Curve 8520
did you make sure you bought the right screen, they have different screens, like 005/004 or 007/011 etc

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