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applepopsicles 03-03-2011 11:47 PM

media folder is error
Hi all, i have a 8520. Bought this almost a year ago. Til one day, i took a pic with my camera and it ddidnt wanna show up in pictures. And when i saved any images, recordings, received sounds images from bluetooth it didnt wanna show up. Then i decided to reboot my blackberry and they were there in my media folder. I tried to take pics from camera, received images sounds from bluetooth or saved pics, it didnt wanna load. I had updated or reloaded my os and it keeps happening until now. What should i do? Please help anyone. Thank you
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aiharkness 03-04-2011 04:20 PM

Re: media folder is error
Are you still dealing with this, or did you solve it?

I don't completly understand all of your post, but here are some tips just the same.

As far as trouble viewing media files on the BlackBerry, if you are looking at the index of the files created by the media app and not looking directly at the files using the files app (if you have it) or by using explore from the media app, inaccurate or incomplete display of files can usually be corrected by deleting all of the *.dat files in the affected media folder.

Another issue is you may have a corrupted file system on the card or a card going bad. My advice is read the card with a computer, and diagnose and try and repair. Worst case, get what you can off the card and either try reformatting it, or just replace it with a new card.

Just tips for what it's worth. Hope they are not needed and you solved it yourself already.

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