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wbkauffman 05-24-2011 12:58 PM

Trouble Syncing Sent E-mail
Hi all- I've been having a little problem with my blackberry e-mail sync. I have three e-mail accounts and I have the same problem with all three. Two are G-mail accounts and I will focus on those.

Whenever I send an e-mail from my computer using Entourage (Mac), I get a new copy of the e-mail I just responded to in my inbox on my blackberry. Interestingly there is not a copy of the sent message itself, only a copy of the received message. In fact, what the blackberry is doing is taking the previously received e-mail message, moving it to the top of the message list, marking it as a new message, and saying that I received the e-mail at whatever time I responded to the e-mail. After opening the message, the time stamp does still indicate the time that the original message was received but if I want to find a message that I replied to I have to search for it based on the time and date that I replied to the message...very annoying!

Thanks for your help...

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