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AMSOS 10-19-2011 10:45 PM

finding my way around a new 8520
Hi all,

So I got a Curve handset from T Mobile. But after 2 days or operation I have to admit the 8520 operation has a tedious feel to it, though of course the OS is very stable and fast. But there just seem to be too many odd details of all sorts, and long lists of sub menus that one has to negotiate all the time. e.g. every time I want to close off an application, pressing the red No button doesn't work, and I have to click the menu button, scroll down and hit close. And not only this, this has to be done at every level, otherwise the application doesn't close. Any hints on speeding up this process? And in general hints about speeding up the working experience with the 8520?

Anyway, I guess (and hope!) that it's a matter of time before I get used to this.

Right now I would appreciate if someone could answer these queries -

-Saving a number puts it at the "Work" location in the phonebook by default.
Any way to change this default to "Mobile" which is what I prefer?

-Also, I noticed that Wi-Fi / UMA doesn't seem to work without EDGE being enabled. And this despite having selected "Wi-Fi preferred" in the "Mobile Network Options". So, I am not sure how this combination is implemented in the 8520.

How exactly is the EDGE / Wi-FI combination implemented?

Over to you guys,

Motorcycle Mama 10-20-2011 05:57 AM

Re: finding my way around a new 8520
1. No. Not on that device. There are third party applications that will do this for you, however.

AMSOS 10-20-2011 09:32 PM

Re: finding my way around a new 8520
btw, if i switch off the EDGE / GPRS network and just keep the phone part switched on will it help save a significant amount of battery power?

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