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AMSOS 11-06-2011 07:39 PM

shortcuts and other tips needed for BB 8520
Hi all,

I've recently got the BB 8520 and I am starting to feel settled in with the OS.

I have the following queries which have been perplexing me for quite some time now -

#1 As you know one can check the total time and the last call time by going to status in the call menu. Now the last reading I remember seeing on the total call timer was around 25 hours, and when I next checked the timer after a few days I was confused to this reading - 1:07:41:25.

I am simply unable to figure out what these figures mean.
Can someone decipher these for me? And isn't the counter supposed to go on till 200 hours or so and then roll over and start afresh from 0?

#2 Whenever I want to check the exact charge status I have to go in into the settings menu. This is tedious and I am wondering if there is some kind of shortcut that I don't yet know about?

#3 When I search for files, the "Messages" folder is selected by default. Is there some way to change this default selection to "Calendar"?

Thanks for your patience!

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