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bacospoil 02-26-2012 12:02 PM

BB keeps shutting down
my new 8520 keeps shutting down, the battery icon is full but I have to keep taking out the battery to get it to reboot, it was on T-mobile but my wife wanted o keep her old number & network so I had the phone unlocked & it is on orange, also even though it says its connected via Wi-fi to my home network I am unable to browse,
can any one help? ps the orange sim that is now in the unlocked T-mobile phone was not from another Blackberry etc, so even so I can make n receive calls should I get "blackberry sim"? & what are the reasons/differences in doing so?
thanks all, Bacospoil

Dubdub 02-26-2012 12:55 PM

Re: BB keeps shutting down
Please do not write in text speak. And do not double post. Your post is much too difficult to understand, especially by our non-native English speakers.

This is the best I can do based on how you have written your post. For BB services, Internet and WiFi you need a BB dataplan or bolt-on. You will need to call your carrier and get that added. If the BIS account was not canceled on T-Mo, then you will ned to do that before you can use email or BBM on Orange.

Danny90 07-12-2012 12:57 PM

Re: BB keeps shutting down
I use to have the same problem with my phone it rebooted about 3 or 4 times a day on its own sometimes even more

I fixed this by backing up the phone with Blackberry Desktop Manager and i reinstalled the OS

For your other problem before you can browse the internet you will need to phone orange and ask them to activate BIS for you the price is 5 per month you still need to activate it to use the internet even with WIFI

The setup process takes between 12-48 hours sometimes it wont take that long
you will get a text message from orange telling you when its all setup

once your BIS expires you can continue to use WIFI internet as long as you do not delete the service books

you can still use some apps on WIFI this is my list of apps that work for me

What's App
Blackberry App World
Blackberry Protect works but you need to select allow backup over WIFI
Alot more apps do work i cant think of anymore right now

That's just a small list i don't have many apps there just the ones i use that i know work with WIFI without BIS data

BBM Will not work for obvious reasons and sending/receiving email does not work either

Hope that helps you and anyone else asking the same question

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