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pda luvr 02-08-2009 11:38 PM

Random weirdness about my 8900
1. The plug-in headphones I used to use w/ my Pearl 8120 don't work right on the 8900, only the right side gets no sound (it sounded ok for 2 days, then just the left side worked). So I bought a cheap new pair for 10, and works fine so far.
My car's AUX input also only plays audio on the left side. I tried 2 different cables....Weird. My 1st 8120 Pearl had a similar problem and I had to get it exchanged. btw i love how the music starts when you hit mute

2. The back light doesn't dim. I set it to 10 sec. Sometimes it dims. When I hit the lock button, the screen will turn off only to turn on again (and stay on) in a few minutes. The only way to keep the screen off is by holstering it.

3. The battery seems to go pretty quick, probably cause the screen doesn't dim properly.

4. Reception is not as good as the 8700 I carried for 2.5 years but I love the high res screen and the new OS has a great customizable interface & browser. I carried an 8700 and an 8120, and the 8120 had much worse reception. The 8700 definitely has better reception than the 8900.

1tallaznbbuser 02-09-2009 01:28 AM

battery life is much improved if you go from .114 os to .133 and even better to .152...
I did notice while on .133 os that my ipod ear phones, didnt work when plugged in consistently.. the player would play through the phone instead of the ear phones.. Had to unplug and plug in several times to get it to work.. I havent tried since going to .152

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