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parkums 02-16-2009 12:21 PM

8900 review
Picked up a T-Mobile branded Curve off of craiglist for $450 cash. I am with ATT and have been using a 8310 Curve. Previously used 8700 before that.

So once I got the phone I fully charged the phone. Ordered an unlock code with rush service for $25. While waiting and once fully charged, I downloaded and installed the new OS. Then imported my contacts, messages, some pictures, and web bookmarks from my old curve using BB Desktop Manager. Inserted SIM and unlocked phone successfully. Then I went online and changed ATT BIS device settings. Then deleted unused apps from the device I don't use.

So far I like the phone, it's a natural upgrade for me (and will upgrade when this things comes out with 3G)

What I like:
- size, weight, form factor
- Screen - gorgeous, bright, crisp
- WiFi - definitely enjoy browsing on phone at home
- Browser - displays more web content, zoom, etc
- Little things on the Home Screen - new icon to access Profiles settings from the main screen (which freed up a customized side button for me), additional shortcut icon on bottom (previous was just 5)
- IM capability - googletalk
- camera lens cover can be easily cleaned (versus previous curve which would collect dust)
- SIM/SD card access without taking out battery
- restart and powerup time is quicker

What I don't like:
- Keyboard - not as springy as the old curve. Seems a bit hard, maybe takes time to get used to but typing not the same
- Trackball - gets "stuck" more than old curve and does not move
- Browser - I actually prefer bare bones content. I don't need a very good web experience from this phone as it is primarily used for business email. Now I can see why the new devices REALLY NEED 3g. With the new browsers which are capable to display more web content, it's slow on EDGE. I really liked my 8310 curve browser because it was bare bones and things loaded very quickly. Is there anyway I can use the old browser? Also, why are there 3 different browsers?
- No 3G (see above) - no biggie for me.
- Screen edges. Not flush so dust collects around the edges.
- micro-USB port. what a crock. Thanks for "evolving" this so we have to buy new accessories. Now I need to carry two cables. Before I had a single cable for phone, camera, etc.

All in all I'm satisfied. Worth the upgrade. Maybe I get lucky and the upcoming ATT 8900 will have 3G (doubtful) so I will buy it and sell this one.

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