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othernet 02-22-2009 04:21 AM

Bold 9000 to Curve 8900 Switcher Review
Am I glad I switched! Here's why.
  1. The size is just right! I had the Curve 8320 before I upgraded to the Bold 9000. But somehow, the Bold's been just on the wrong side of being held comfortably in the hand. I thought with the narrower Curve, it may be less comfortable to type on but actually it is even easier especially if you are using one hand to type.
  2. Speed - not a problem. I was reading reviews that one may imperceptibly experience minor lag on the Curve with its slower CPU; but really in real world use, you don't notice the difference and it doesn't affect your use. It won't even cross your mind that there is a lag here when compared to the Bold.
  3. Battery life is way better! With the Bold, my battery will be dangerously low by evening after a full charge.
  4. OK, so there's no 3G but unless you plan to tether the Bold and use it as a modem there's no real need for 3G speeds in a BlackBerry. I can't recall an instance too where I was downloading something and needed to make a call at the same time - which is the other major advantage for 3G.
  5. GPS - I don't know if RIM made any changes to the GPS radio for the Curve but it locks a signal much faster than the Bold, and it was sensitive enough indoors with lots of tall buildings around.

The biggest change for me besides the size is the keyboard. I actually liked the Bold's keyboard and I thought the biggest fault I will find with the new Curve is its keyboard. After putting it to good use I can say, I am even on this. Yes, I like how the Bold's keyboard has wider spacing and it doesn't make a "click" sound but the new Curve's keyboard is quite accurate despite it being smaller. The "click" on the new Curve is definitely more pronounced but way quieter than the old Curve, which I absolutely disliked. I guess it is some sort of feedback mechanism when you hear the click and it does help if you are typing fast.

One other thing I noticed is how much more "balanced" the new Curve is. When you hold it up to read or type on, it has a nice feel in the hand. I always felt like the Bold was off-balanced when you hold it up. And if you try to type something or select a key with one hand, it's a wobbly juggle.

What don't I like? For some strange reason, the font size between 8 and 9 have a disparity that does not seem balanced. Size 9 is too big and size 8 is just a tad small on the new screen (which by the way is gorgeous).

Oh, and the camera? It's super. It's clear enough that I can snap a picture of my grocery list and view it at the aisle.

Very happy with the switch!

raja_3012 02-22-2009 04:40 AM

Good writeup.. impressive !

LaoMayer 02-22-2009 06:37 AM

Hehe! Great writeup, but I can't help notice: you take a picture of the grocery list? It's easier to have a piece of paper in hand than to view a foto on the 8900. Not to mention you could drop the phone. ;)

akosnitzky 02-22-2009 07:31 AM

Wirelessly posted (Its All About the U!)

Thank you for the post.

othernet 02-22-2009 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by LaoMayer (Post 1294528)
Hehe! Great writeup, but I can't help notice: you take a picture of the grocery list? It's easier to have a piece of paper in hand than to view a foto on the 8900. Not to mention you could drop the phone. ;)

Uhmmm... how do I say this without sounding like a wanker? :oops:

I have a maid who jots down what we need for the house and instead of keeping a piece of paper and probably forgetting it when I do run to the supermarket, I have the list with me all the time. Besides, the new Curve is small enough that carrying it and shopping is so easy.

brandnewsimmy 02-23-2009 11:04 AM

I'm in the same boat, switching from a Bold to 8900. Just wanted to throw out my likes/dislike too.

BATTERY: The 8900 is WAAAYYYYY better in this one, hands down, end of story!

SCREEN: The Bold screen is bigger, but honestly I do not really notice it. Plus the pixel density on the 8900 seems to make up for it because it looks even better than the Bold, and I didn't think that would ever be possible!

KEYBOARD: This is tough. I was worried about the Bold keyboard coming from an 8310, but I LOVED it. Switching back to the 8900 was a little strange. I think I actually like the Bold a little better for feel because they are kind of squishy, but for longevity, I can type longer on the 8900 without having my fingers hurt. On the Bold after a while my pinky fingers would almost cramp up or something from holding it up I guess from the weight or something because it is definately a heavy phone.

SIZE/WEIGHT: DEFINATELY 8900! It honestly feels like half the weight and size, but without any compromise in quality.

CONNECTIVITY: I am on T-Mobile so the 3G never effected me. Both phones seem to get the same signal and call quality, and both worked well on wi-fi.

SPEED: Both phones seem wicked fast. The 8900 actually seems faster when loading your application list, but slows down if you open a folder with stuff in it for some reason. And overall the 8900 actually seems speedier, but that could be due to the OS builds because every time I updated the Bold it seemed to help. The big point here is that I am not constantly seeing the hourlgass like my 8310!

SPEAKERS: Bold wins here. The Bold's speakers are just amazing for a phone! I would get people going, "Wow thats your phone?" all the time with that thing. However, the 8900 is still good, and better than the 8310, but just not Bold good. I LOVED how the speakers on the Bold are on the side of the device so they wouldn't get muffled when laid on a table. The 8900 speaker is on the back. Even still, the 8900 is still loud and clear, just doesn't have the depth the Bold's speakers did.

CAMERA: 8900! The best way to describe the 8900 is: WOW. I am constantly amazed at the quality of this camera. I don't even want to use my point-and-shoot because I want to put the 8900 to good use! The autofocus is WAY faster than my friends G1 and works wonderfully. Up close is amazing. I can't say enough about it.

I was worried about the switch but since I did it, I haven't looked back. The 8900 is definately better for me than the Bold.

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