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C-mang 03-14-2009 11:00 AM

Inbox folder help
I'm having a problem with the inbox folder on my 8900. I have multiple folders and sub-folders set up in my Outlook inbox on my PC to help keep me organized due to the volume of email I get daily. I can then drag emails over and file them in whatever folder I want to store them in for future use. My 8900 shows all of these folders and subfolders just as they appear in Outlook on my PC and I am able to file emails in them and/or view what is in them.

The issue I'm having is that every time I attempt to "file" or "view folder" on my 8900, when the "select folder" screen comes up on the device every single folder is in the open position. Even if I collapse all of the folders, when I exit and return they are all open again. Again, I have a ton of folders/subfolders so when they are all open it takes forever to scroll down through all the open folder trees and find the specific folder I'm looking for.

My previous B-berry (the 8320) also allowed me to file/view folders, however the various folders always remained in whatever position (collapsed or open) I last left them in. I want to set my 8900 to also leave folders in whatever position (collapsed/open) I last left them in. I have already verified that inbox folders in Outlook on my desktop can be in various open/collapsed positions but for whatever reason are still always open on my 8900.

Does anyone know how to change this setting so that inbox folders on my 8900 stay in whatever (open or collapsed) position I left them in when I exit that view? In case it's important, I'm on a BES but our IS people tell me the BES isn't the problem. Thanks in advance.

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