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vas729 05-28-2009 03:36 PM

Problems with time settings on my 8900
Hey all,

Looked around, and didnt see any answers to my problems, so hopefully someone can shed some light.

I am not new to bb. Have been pretty much bb exclusive for over 2 years now, with a slight stint of having an iPhone. So I know my way around a bb pretty good, but cant figure this out.

I just recently returned my Bold and got the 8900 curve. I LOVE IT! But I have a few questions and dont know if I have an OS problem or a hardware problem.


If I set the time on the bb to use network time (I always use this option), the bb doesnt register the network time. It uses the bb time. I know this for sure, because if I change the time, that is the time that my bb will reflect.

If I change the time to bb time, it will automatically update the time to the network time. Its backwards for some reason. Not a huge problem, but it bugs me none the less.


My timestamping in bb messenger is not working correctly. If I send a message sometimes it will update the time sent at the top of my page, and sometimes it won't. Most of the time it will show the time of the next to last message sent or received. Once again, not a huge problem, but it bugs me.

Everything else seems to be working great on the phone. I like it a lot more than the bold. Not because it is better than the bold (although in my opinion it is), but because it fits my needs perfectly!

Any ideas?

Oh, I'm running the stock at&t OS.

Thanks for any help!

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