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jamespoling 06-25-2009 04:10 PM

Aesthetic question, looking for opinions
A couple of weeks ago I switch back to BlackBerry after a year with the iPhone. I have a new 8900.

A few days after I got the phone I was on a business trip and the phone fell out of its holster that I purchased separately for it.

The screen is fine but it's a bit scuffed up along the top and bottom. Should I return it for a new one or just suck it up and live with the scuffs?

I've always put protectors and best skins ever and stuff on my blackberry's and iphones but I've decided not to do it with this one. I'm always careful but sometimes you can't help it from getting dropped.

What would you do in this situation?

akosnitzky 06-25-2009 04:13 PM

Wirelessly posted (Its All About the U!)

You should have something on the screen. I always put a plastic coding. As far as the frame, I put a rubber skin around it. Protects it makes the device easier to hold. However, I use get the skin a week after I get the device and get some scratches. Its NOT a big deal. Its the screen that's important.

xxaarraa 06-27-2009 11:33 PM

Scuffs are normal, they add character. If it really bothers you, get a new shell or just the piece of the shell you need. Plenty of websites that sell replacement body parts.

I generally get a bestskinsever or similar skin. I dont put silicone etc. that changes the look of a gorgeous phone, but still get some sort of protection from dust, grime etc.

TXLady 06-28-2009 12:23 AM


Originally Posted by jamespoling (Post 1415025)
The screen is fine but it's a bit scuffed up along the top and bottom. Should I return it for a new one or just suck it up and live with the scuffs?

Live with it. Sounds like you think your carrier will exchange it due to cosmetic damage -- they won't. If you want a new one, you'll have to purchase it, probably at full price. If it really bothers you, I believe you can buy new parts and replace the scruffed ones but I'd probably just put some sort of skin on it, either a silicon one or one such as sold by UniqueSkins (which I use anyway).

Cavi Mike 06-30-2009 03:29 AM

You can get new parts on eBay. The vast majority of them are out of Hong Kong but there is one guy in Texas with a limited amount of 8900 parts if you don't feel like waiting a month to get them. You can also get pretty much any color you can imagine. I like the dark red, personally.

jamespoling 06-30-2009 05:32 AM

Wirelessly posted

Thanks for all the great feedback. I ended up getting a replacement phone but now I'm not sure if I'm even keeping my 8900 since the video records in 240x180.

Bennett5000 07-01-2009 08:31 AM

Well that was fun...

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