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Steve1B 11-05-2009 05:22 AM

Activation of keystore and password safe passwords
I've had my new 8900 a week now and it's great but first the keystore password got activated (apparently by itself) and I had to enter a (wrong) password 10 times and then restore a backup, then deliberately go to keystore and set a new password. Now I find that the password safe has appeared in the apps folder (it wasn't there to start with) and its password has also got activated without me ever being prompted for one, so I guess I will have to put a (wrong) password in 10 times and restore a backup again. What I want to know is how are these things that require passwords (keystore and password safe) getting activated WITHOUT me being prompted to set a password? With both, the first thing I knew was that I was being asked for a password and being told it was wrong - I tried the device password first with bothy, to no avail. And what's the next thing that's going to appear requiring a password? I'm baffled - I know these things don't have default passwords. What on earth am I doing wrong? Thanks. Steve

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