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pilot350 06-12-2010 12:10 PM

Little red light
Hello Folks! hey i have a problem with my bb! since last night, the led started to not work properly, at first it started with a blue/red light buti noticed that my baterry was at 20% so i charged it all night and the light (in the led light indicator) turned just red but it wont go off! and since that light is on the backlight wont work! please help!

aiharkness 06-12-2010 05:25 PM

Wirelessly posted

LED stays solid red? Not blinking? Any other problems besides with the display?

Have you exposed the device to moisture? Or dropped it?

Even a sweaty pocket or very humid locker room have been reported to cause symptoms of moisture exposure. If that is a possibility, you need to remove the battery without further delay. And see the FAQ on what to do.

Otherwise, have you tried a battery pull yet? With the power on, remove the battery for 30-60 seconds.

And if you use a media card, try without it installed.

pilot350 06-13-2010 11:02 PM

yes it is solid light not blinking and is not even the whole led indicatr its just a little one bcuz when i get a mssage or something it starts blinking normally i just wont go away... and yes the other thing that has stoped working is the backlight, if that red light is not completly off the backlight on the keyboard wont work. I ve tried the battery pull like 10 times and still not working... dont know what to do really:?

aiharkness 06-14-2010 05:57 AM

Wirelessly posted

See my post again. Has there been any physical shock to the device? Moisture?

Remove the battery again, and remove the microSD card, if you are using one. If it's a GSM model, remove the SIM card as well. Wait a good two or three minutes.

Keep the cards out and replace the battery. What happens? If the device boots normally and all looks ok, replace the SIM if you are using one and try again. If all is still good, replace the microSD card and try again. If you have problems when the SIM is installed, see your service provider about getting another one (if you use one). If the microSD card is the problem, search the forum for troubleshooting tips.

BUT if you got the blackberry wet or damp, it may be too late. Se on what to do if you get your blackberry wet.

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