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so173rq 07-30-2010 07:10 AM

8900 wifi problem with eastasia
Hi,guys. I was running V4.6.1.168 on 8900 before, and everything were ok. I upgrade os to eastasia today, and just noticed that there is no wifi turn-on option at 'manage connections'. anyone got a clue? I'm with O2 uk.

Also there were many options at update software through DM before, I could choose upgrade or downgrade to some different version. and now, there is only one option, which is the one I'm using. Not able to downgrade to In the case if I cannot get wifi option with new os, am I able to get the old version back?

I'd appreciate if anyone can help me with those problems. Thanks

so173rq 07-30-2010 09:03 AM

just read another thread of how to downgrade the os. and still no idea how to get wifi on with new os

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