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LynnBob 10-14-2010 11:36 AM

icon labels changed
There was a thread on this back in the summer of 2009...but no solution was'm having the same problem.

I've had my 8900 for a few days...have done nothing to it except rearrange a few things...setup email...update etc.

Boom...labels on my icons have changed. Much like the previous thread in 2009...anything that connects to the internet is now labeled browser. This is a problem since I'm still learning...and not really sure what each icon does (at this point). It's also a problem for me because if it can't be represents a buggy OS...and I might want to return the phones.

I've also had the call log icon disappear...and it was not hidden. Restored the theme defaults, however, and it came back. Weird.

My wife's 8900 had a different icon disappear.

Are these just bugs? Any explanation? Fix for the labels?

I have to this point I'm continually having problems with the phones and I'm trying to figure out if it's me...I need to give the learning curve more time...or the system is just that buggy. Day five and I'm ready to return them. If it's me...I'll put the time in and figure things out...but if it's not me...I can't deal with this level of irritation long-term.

Thanks for the help.....

aiharkness 10-16-2010 07:28 PM

Depending on the icon you are talking about, it could "disappear" because you have hidden it, it has been moved to a folder, it is a bug in theme you are using, or the service book has somehow been deleted.

Since you say you didn't hide it, then maybe it is in a folder, or in a folder and hidden.

Or, if you are using an after-market theme, try switching back to one of the stock themes and test.

Also try resending service books.

As far as labels, give an example. I don't really know the answer, unless it is a bug with the theme you are using.

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