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bb4dennis 01-13-2011 06:24 PM contact alerts still not working
1036 installed yesterday. It did not fix the alert issue. The phone does override the default Profile with the Ring Tone for Phone in my Contact Alerts, but does not (for all Names added) use the Alert's Ring Tone for Messages. Plus, after I created the Contact Alert, I needed to reboot for even the Ring Tones in the Alert to work.

Prior to RIM redesigning alerts, any setting changes used to be effectively immediately -- without a reboot. Plus, alerts could be easily enabled/disabled using with radio buttons. I used to have 4-5 actively used alerts, now I can't get even one to work. Great.

If anybody has got contact alerts working consistently as of 822, please let me know what you did. I read a posting somewhere that said phone number format may be more particular. Because I've traveled internationally, and have called the US from overseas, all my US numbers are in the format +1 (222) 333-4444. Again, prior to RIM redesigning alerts, this US format was never an issue -- everything had worked fine (as expected, as advertised).


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