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signode 02-28-2011 11:21 PM

How to delete Excel file in 8900
I have blackberry 8900. I downloaded some excel files. I deleted one of these files in Media>>Explore>>media card>>Blackberry>>documents. Now when I opened Applications>>Sheet to go (having xls files) that file was showing here. But as i tried to open it, a message appears "file not found". Question is that if that file was deleted then why it is showing in Sheet to go and how to remove it from here?

aiharkness 03-01-2011 11:46 AM

Re: How to delete Excel file in 8900
Answer to first question is the app is showing you a record created and maintained by the app, and not an on the spot scan of the files which are present on the device.

I would have suspected the app to remove the filename from its list after you clicked and the app found the file to be not present. If it did not, I'm betting it will not be listed if you fully close the app and then launch it again, as it will probably update its records when it closes. All just speculation from experience. I doubt there is a way for you to manually update the contents of that list. EDIT: I looked at the version of doc's to go that I have. The recent documents field can be cleared by the user. But I don't see a way to remove individual document names from the field.

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