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homesbylnd 03-14-2011 09:04 PM

Voice message waiting icon disappears too fast

When I get a voice message, the notification disappears either after a few minutes or when an email comes in. So, if I'm taking a shower or sleeping, I have no idea that there is a phone message waiting for me. Yes, I know that there are little ! icons, but I want the big notification to last longer.

When I had my Curve 2 updates back, the notification would last until I cleared it, so there was no way of missing a phone message - even hours after it came. Even if an email came through, the email light would blink, but the notification remained.

Then, an update changed all of that. I just got an 8900 and it's the same story. Anyone know how to keep the large notification message on the screen until you delete or clear it?


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