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GuyFromBOM 05-13-2011 02:33 AM

8900 Javelin: Restarts Issue.

I have a 8900 Javelin that was working really fine up till now. For the past couple of days, it just keeps Restarting / Reebooting itself randomly, without any prompts / notices. This also happened twice in the past week as well.

I searched this forum and zeroed in on these facts, based upon discussions on similar issue:

1. I have installed BB Protect in the last 1 week and also attempted to install Kaspersky Mobile Security, but the installation failed.

2. Battery 'mis-fit' was suggested to be a cause of regular restart, i fixed in a sheet of paper. Now it doesn't shake. But the problem still exists. DO I NEED TO REPLACE IT..? (D-X1)

If i take it to the service center, i will be ripped as its not in warranty. Also, if there is a short-term solution that would be good, as i plan to upgrade my BB by October.


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