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vellexis 08-10-2011 12:40 PM

SMS Inbox problem?
Hi I don't know if this has been posted for the 8900 before, if it has i'm sorry.
I've been using my bb (8900) since April 2010, and for literally a year it's been fine, but when I flew back into dubai after moving to england, I was texting a friend and realized my battery was low so i popped it on the charger went away and came back to check on the text, as soon as i opened my inbox i noticed a lot of texts were showing names but blank messages and so i restarted my phone, then plugged it to my computer via usb, backed up the sms' and wiped it and followed through with restoring it, and as soon as i restored it i noticed my texts from January 2011-April 2011 had been deleted, then i let it go thinking it was just way too many texts on my phone, and i went back to england, barely texted, and this summer i flew back into dubai, around 1 week ago the deletion occured this time completely everything between January - late July (like 27th) was deleted and i tried wiping and restoring but to no avail, it just keeps deleting my texts and mismatching the timings, like if i were to reply to a text from 3pm, at 4pm. it'd show me the text from 3pm and so forth and if i scrolled up it'd show me my texts.
do i need to buy a new blackberry? :/ thank you.

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