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Rickypinto 02-18-2012 08:58 AM

my 8900 is dead
Hello, friends. I have a 8900 which the overnight stops working, does not light with no batteries to be placed. If I plug in the charger LED lights red for 20 seconds, turns off and then I get the battery with a blue ray and is unlit. When I connect to my PC does not turn on and does the same to light the red LED display and battery with blue ray, or the BB Desktop Software (BDS) also recognizes it at all, says that ".. can not connect with the connected device .. ". I've been in 2 parts and tells me they have not with this type of failure and the other shop told me the first time that possibly the "load pin" I had to leave to check, which I did , determined that when I call tells me that "it seems that might be the source of power" that do not have that spare moments and that the repair is very expensive it is preferable to buy another.
Turns out the back to get my hands on, with the same fault, but with a difference, now I get the battery with a red "X" and when connected to PC BDS now tells me my PIN but still with the message ".. can not connect with device connected .. "retry, update, or close.
I'm using BDS ver.
Thank you very much for the options that could provide units.

Dubdub 02-18-2012 09:10 AM

Re: my 8900 is dead
Try a new battery, an OEM one made for your device, not a cheap knock off. Sounds like the one you have is damaged by letting it run below 20% too many times.

Did the device get wet?

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