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maxnet1 03-25-2012 03:37 PM

Cannot Add Or Edit Contacts . . .
Hi - I am getting this problem if anyone can assist with a Curve 8900 on UK Vodafone . . .

A friend got a used BB 8900 that had been working fine. I upgraded it to v5 and now he cannot add new contact, edit existing one or click on a number in an email to save it to contacts. He has deleted lots of contacts on both handset & SIM.

When I upgraded the 8900 for him I had restored his data from a normal Desktop Manager backup. I have got an 8900 with V5 on the same network and followed the same backup, upgrade, restore & mine is working fine.

I got him to pull the battery & wait for a coupla minutes before powering on - but still no contacts can be added

Any ideas would be appreciated, Max

tsac 03-25-2012 06:30 PM

Re: Cannot Add Or Edit Contacts . . .
It sounds like you have a backup so do a wipe and reload the backup. Before you reload the backup try to add a contact and edit it. If it can be edited then reload the backup.
If it fails again then something is wrong with the backup.
You can try a different backup if you have one. Failing that, use an IPD editor and see if you can repair it.

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