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Smythers00 04-13-2012 04:42 PM

I have an intermittent problem with my 8900. Most of the time I can't access anything on my home page. I can scroll around with the trackball, but I can't click into any menu item. Also, at the same time, the keypad doesn't seem to work. Sometimes, for no reason I can think of, everything is fine with the phone.

I've tried the following:
- searching this forum for ideas - I might have missed a few, but I got a lot of good advice to go on before posting this.
- battery pulling
- a simple update of my handheld
- a wipe ad reinstall of the latest OS - as per the instructions posted in this forum. Now running OS 5.0 bundle 1728.
- battery pulling. I realize that I've already mentioned this, but i've done it so many times I figured it was worth a second mention.

-No water was involved
-The phone wasn't dropped or subjected to any other kind of trauma I can think of.

Any help would be appreciated.


aiharkness 04-13-2012 06:07 PM

Re: Problem
When it happens, does it correct on its own if you wait, or does it require a battery pull to correct it?

When you reinstalled the OS, did you test with the stock system, before reloading your apps?
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Smythers00 04-13-2012 06:59 PM

Re: Problem
It has only corrected itself once, when I left it on over night, so like over 5-6 hour period. Otherwise I've never waited more than 2 hours and pulled the battery.

I didn't test with the stock system - actually, I'm not sure what you mean by that :oops: so I guess I didn't perform that kind of testing. I'm a little new at this.

What I did do was follow the instructions on how to wipe the blackberry "How do I wipe the BlackBerry using Jl Cmder? - BlackBerryFAQ" (forum wont let me post an url link just yet - I'm too new :smile:)

And, having installed OS 5.0, that's what I'm left with at this point. The problem still persists.

aiharkness 04-13-2012 07:07 PM

Re: Problem
What I meant by stock system is just the OS with its native apps, and no add on or third party apps.

From your description, I'm doubting it is a hardware problem, but it could be.

Maybe it is software related. If you test with the stock system and it works fine, then the next thing to do is add your apps one at a time and test for 24 hours in between. Start with the apps you absolutely need, and hold the non-essential apps until last. (Rather than wipe and reload, try a security wipe first, and select the option to delete user installed apps as well.)

If you still have the trouble with the stock system, that points to a hardware problem.
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Smythers00 04-13-2012 07:13 PM

Re: Problem
At this point all I have is a vanilla install of the 5.0 OS. Heck, i can't even click ok on the license agreement screen from the install. I'm just waiting for it to self correct now.

I guess I'm looking at a hardware problem.

Any ideas what could be wrong in the hardware? I'm just curious.

aiharkness 04-13-2012 07:23 PM

Re: Problem
Could be moisture. I know you said no water, but it doesn't take much to cause keyboard and button issues. People have reported sweaty pocket, humid shower room, etc. You might try drying the device for days in dry rice. But probably a new BlackBerry is your best move. See what others say.
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Smythers00 04-16-2012 02:39 PM

Re: Problem
Took the phone in to be serviced - apparently it was a problem with the keyboard. Works like a charm now. Thanks for the help.

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