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signode 04-25-2012 11:30 PM

.ppt files not opening in my BB 8900
I have BlackBerry 8900. I have a problem that when I tried to open a ppt file, I receive following messages;

Application permission
The application Slideshow To Go has requested a file connection to listen to messages.
Do not ask for a file
Do not ask for file to listen to message
Allow Deny

Whether I click any option or not and then I click on allow and after that I receive following message;

Uncaught exception
Permission denied.

aiharkness 04-27-2012 05:15 PM

Re: .ppt files not opening in my BB 8900
I would check for an IT policy. If it is your personal BlackBerry and not on a BES, then you can remove the IT policy if you want. If the device is on a BES, you need to talk to the admin.

If it isn't an IT policy that is the problem, next question is whether you have tried a battery pull. If not, do it, with the power on, and wait at least 30 seconds. Then try again after the device boots up.

You also need to rule out the file as the problem. Try another file, or create a simple one on the computer and then copy it to the device, and try opening that. See if you get the same or not. Could be the file.

After that, I don't know. I would experiment if the problem is still there. Go into options and try playing with the permissions, such as setting all to allow just as a test. You could also try removing all of the doc's to go apps using Desktop Manager, do a battery pull, and then install them again, and then test.

If it is the paid version of doc's to go you got it from app world, you could delete and then reinstall from app world after a battery pull.

If it is still a problem, the next to last step would be a security wipe, then test, then add your data and apps.

Last step would be to reload the OS and restore your data and apps.

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