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Mark Rejhon 07-13-2008 07:20 PM

BlackBerry Bold Browser Web 2.0 Support (AJAX)

As many of us know RIM is working on Web 2.0 support to compete with iPhone's Safari (i.e. Google Docs, GMAIL in browser, Google Maps in browser, eBay, etc.) AJAX was announced at WES 2008, which is excellent news for BlackBerry users. We will now finally be able to access the same websites as on iPhone Safari -- eventually.

I would like to know if the BlackBerry Bold OS 4.6 browser will eventually have this, or will we need to wait till OS 5.0? I am suspecting the latter.

Perfect Storm 07-13-2008 07:23 PM

The Bold is much better than previous devices, but still not quite there.

nm1k0 07-13-2008 08:30 PM

I hope its got the ajax browser. That's the one thing that I loved about the iphone and the s60 phones I used

Sith_Apprentice 07-13-2008 09:36 PM

Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry 9000

Yes the bold will have the ajax compatible browser. has the specs. Not sure when but we did publish them.

Mark Rejhon 07-28-2008 02:04 PM

I finally got to try the BlackBerry Bold, and the new browser is definitely a big improvement -- but AJAX is still buggy! Hope this will be improved soon.

One thing in particular: Sprint Captioned Telephone (for the deaf) from almost works properly, but the incoming real-time captioning text that's pushed over a constantly-open connection, is not arriving. However, the conversation was functioning in the background. The iPhone does this one fine -- so hopefully the next iteration of the browser will be able to work properly with this. As I am deaf, this is an important application to me...

And finally -- ability to set font size to 2 or 3 points and still be readable. (One reason I used Opera Mini over BlackBerry Browser, is the BlackBerry Browser could not allow me to use minimum font sizes smaller than 6 points)

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