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SteveA 09-05-2008 11:24 AM

WIFI on BES with BIS data plan = annoying crash problem
I've been on the Roger's 7Mb ($40)BES data plan and was using my office's private WIFI on both my 8320 and now my 9000. In a previous test, I disabled EDGE and was still able to receive both my corporate e-mail and PIN messaging while at work.

I decided to take advantage of the 6Gb plan for $30/month, knowing that this plan is for BIS only. The cool thing is that while I'm connected to my corporate WIFI, my Bold connects to the BES automatically and I get my company e-mail, can do lookups, etc. When I'm out of range, the device only delivers my personal e-mail and I lose all the BES perks.

Whenever I get into range of the corporate WIFI, my berry crashes, forcing not 1, but 2 reboots. The first reboot gives me all sorts of null exception errors and then does not display any mail or text msg icons. The second reboot corrects everything and re-connects to the BES.

I upgraded from to .126, but the problem is still there. If the company wants me to be available after hours, I may switch back to a BES plan next month. (New data plans are rumoured to be changing for business customers) Unfortunately, I never tested this with my 8320.

Not sure if this is an OS problem, Bold problem, or deal with it if you found a workaround for BES on a BIS data plan. (FYI: Connecting to BES does not work in any other WIFI zone, but I haven't tested the VPN connection to my CheckPoint firewall)

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