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MadPutz 11-08-2008 11:44 PM

Can AT&T Bold use wireless without data charge?
Ok, when I bought my Bold from AT&T I got the Blackberry Data Plan. However, I realized that the bill was much too high and called to cancel my Data Plan and reduced other things (reducing my monthly bill from $100 to $45). My thinking was that I didn't really need internet, and that I almost always am in range of my university's free wireless (I thought this would be simple due to the Bold being advertised as natively wireless internet capable). I also asked if I could access wireless without a data plan, without touching AT&T's network and getting charged. The support representative said I can and that I am welcome to do so but didn't know how to help me so she forwarded me to blackberry's tech support which is fully automated and requires something like $50 for incident cases. I hung up.

Anyways, after the cancellation, I did some independent research and on my Wi-Fi connections list I deleted AT&T and kept Brown and Brown-Secure, my university's wireless names. An internet guide (spaces in http) h t t p : / /w w on how to connect Blackberries to wireless without data charge said to delete everything under Advanced Options > TCP I did this and everything worked fine. My homescreen also constantly says AT&T - Brown. I then set my default browser to Hotspot Browser. I turned on Data because the wireless was blocked without it (bad mistake). I then went on the internet (I knew I was using my university's wireless, I constantly had to log into my university's wireless splash page with my University account and I kept getting disconnected). Everything I did was through AT&T - Brown.

Today I check my account and it says I have used 4.29 megabytes of data (I downloaded a bunch of apps through university's wireless and gmail constantly retrieved messages automatically). That's $43 of usage. I turned off my data and I am going to switch to the blackberry data plan (for this month only, because it may reduce my $43 bill to $30, and then I will cancel it next month). My question is, what did I do wrong and is there a solution? I am fine with no internet at all from now on but occasional access to my university's wireless without being slapped with a massive bill would be great. Thanks in advance guys.

PS: I saw that T-Mobile offered a Blackberry Feature Enabler or something that would solve all my problems. Too bad AT&T doesn't offer the service.

rambo47 11-09-2008 11:01 AM

I think your Blackberry probably accessed some data services and you were charged on a pay-per-kb basis. Very expensive that way! Did you receive any email or picture messages? Also, some of what you downloaded might have been over the standard data connection.

If you use just the WiFi you will not be charged.

TroyDBrown 11-09-2008 11:03 AM

If you use 3rd party apps they can access data when not connected to Wi-Fi and cause the data bill.

sddfdds 12-30-2008 03:36 AM

Did you ever figure out why you got charged $43, or a proper way to avoid data charges?

rambo47/TroyDBrown: Shouldn't 3rd party apps not matter if he followed the guide about deleting the stuff from the TCP Options?

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