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Pink2 11-12-2008 10:38 AM

Solution: Tips on how to set browser settings for better viewing
Well it only took me just over a week to figure this one out.

I was sick of not being able to read the text in a web page and having to constantly keep zooming in. Found out how to change that.

I opened the browser, went to Options, General Properties.

Setting Should Say
Default browser: Internet Browser
Default Font Family: BBAlpha Sans
Default Font Size: 10
Minimum Font Size: 10
Minimum Font Style: Plain
Default View: Column (change this here and then when you are in a web page and want to see page view just hit 'z', having this set to column view makes all the difference)

the next few I left the same, but changed the following:
Prompt before:
checked Closing Browser on Escape - made it much easier to close completely
Closing Modified pages should be checked

and then saved.

In the Browser Configuration option, I checked Support JavaScript, but not allow JavaScript popups. The rest of the check boxes are checked.

Mucho better experience!!!

Hope this helps those of you that didn't already know this.

Swede 11-12-2008 06:10 PM

Well done......

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