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EalingBB 12-20-2008 09:57 AM

Question For Vodafone UK Sat Nav Users
I have a Bold on Vodafone UK with the Telmap sat nav facility incorporated which I'm finding incredibly slow to use and wonder what other people think?

Prior to this I had a Curve also with the Telmap sat nav on it which was great - it was quick, generally acquiring satellites almost immediately and downloading rapidly, but the Bold seems to take much longer. Often it will take minutes (the record is about ten minutes so far) for it to "acquire satellites" for an initial position fix and then when it does it makes a lot of errors in navigation too, changing its mind and throwing in stupid instructions, almost as if its lost its bearings.

This is definately not my phone specifically as I have now had three Bolds from Vodafone over the past month or so and each does exactly the same.

I also noticed that if you go to the GPS function in the phone and refresh it this can take several minutes too.

As I say, the sat nav with the Curve was not like this - it acquired satellites for a position fix, downloaded much quicker and it also very rarely, indeed almost never, gave stupid instructions.

I'm finding this very frustrating and would appreciate thoughts / advice of other users.

Abbsta 12-20-2008 01:38 PM

I'm on the other hand quite happy with it. It took me (just now) 1-2 minutes to 'refresh GPS' for the first time today inside my flat next to the window. After that I know it works quicker.

My only gripe with Vod Sat Nav (Telmap) is the map. In some places it shows a roundabout instead of a flyover. Other than that it's pretty good..if you download the route and stick to it. You may have to wait a bit if you miss a turn and it has to dl a route and the signal is rubbish.

So my recommendation would be to switch it on before you set off in the morning. Once the gps 'bit' has warms up you're good to go, hopefully.

EalingBB 12-20-2008 03:17 PM

I've now upgraded the OS on the phone to .162 from the original .126. Will be interesting to see if this makes any difference. Just tried refreshing the GPS by holding it inside next to a window and it took just under four minutes to pick up satellites. Is this how long one should expect it to take? Seems slow to me.

Abbsta 12-20-2008 04:02 PM

Really!? 126 was rubbish mate. Your good experience of the Bold is just starting! and when you're done with .162 your next official upgrade is .190 ;)

Only the first time and indoors it takes a little while which is understandable. It does get a lot better as you use the GPS outdoors throughout the day.

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