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audriskhong 02-01-2009 09:44 AM

bold not ringing, new message on bbm not ringing, no alarm
please help!!!

the other day, my alarm went nuts, it kept ringing every 5 mins even when i already stopped snoozing it. it jus comes up without any alarm notice n i cant turn it off. i switched off my phone and when i turned it back on, my bold out of a sudden jus doesnt ring when i get calls. even when i receive a new message from blackberry messenger / sms. n now when i set up my alarm, it did not only NOT ring, it doesnt even show up at all (jus like when u put the alarm to off mode).

i checked the profile in normal active profile mode, so definitely not on quiet mode. help! i cant wake up without my alarm!!!

MidnightDraven 02-01-2009 09:52 AM

try a battery pull

audriskhong 02-01-2009 09:55 AM

thanks, that was easy. but i was wondering why does bold always get problems like these, and u jus gotta get the battery out and put them back in, does that gotta do with updating the software? cuz i've had my bold for 2 months now, but havent had any upgrade..

MidnightDraven 02-01-2009 12:35 PM

no, its nothing to do with updating software.
i dont exactly know why it happens, but i put it down to sometimes the bold is just like a pc, and when things get confused or clogged up in the memory, you restart a pc...a battery pull is the restart for the bold.

palomartian 02-01-2009 12:55 PM

What is the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del for a BlackBerry? Is that a good first try for minor issues?

MidnightDraven 02-01-2009 01:44 PM

the only equivalent im aware of is a battery pull. and yes, it is the first thing to try for minor issues.

someone people appear to pull the battery out while the device is still on. however, i dont, i turn off the device, pull the battery from anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds, and put back in. it will then show the red light, start up and show white screen with clock and finally boot completely, and this normally fixes any minor problems the bold has.

palomartian 02-01-2009 01:47 PM

I used to do a full power off, but the first time I got the Java error avalanche when doing that, I stopped bothering.

MidnightDraven 02-01-2009 04:19 PM

ive had the java error, only when removing an app and letting it restart. then battery pull soon fixed.

ive never had java errors when i do a battery pull with powering off.
from what ive read i *think* that doing it that way just resets it, whereas without powering off, so your in the middle of using it, and pulling the battery can cause data loss.

teddyk 04-24-2009 12:04 PM

ctrl, alt, del

Originally Posted by palomartian (Post 1267556)
What is the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del for a BlackBerry? Is that a good first try for minor issues?

Left alt key, right shift key, del (same as pulling battery) works on curve and bold, not on pearl as far as I know.

kirrinjones 04-24-2009 01:08 PM

the equivalent to a ctrl+alt+del on most BlackBerrys is ALT+RCAPS+DEL. That will reset the device (soft), clears the memory and all that. If you decide that you wish to simulate a battery pull, then as soon as you see the white screen, do the key combination again and it will do a full (hard) reset.

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