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nick.dollimount 02-06-2009 10:24 AM

Media player "glitch"
Hey all,

I've been holding off posting this in hopes that they'd fix it in one of the betas. But low and behold, on .234 and it's still there. I'm sure by now, you're thinking, "The volume problem AGAIN!?!?!". But no, that's actually fine now! **does happy dance** The issue will be explained shortly. Just have to say that it's been existent for quite a few betas up until now. I'm pretty sure I've been through all that were "found online" since .190. Anyhow, here is the issue....

When you're playing music, you can skip to back and forward to songs. Now when a song ends, it skips to the next song. But if you are skipping through, and then you skip a song you want to listen to so you skip back. When this song is done playing, it DOES NOT skip forward. It will actually skip BACK to the song before that one. Then if you skip forward again, there is your song once again but it will then continue to the next like normal.

So what I'm accustomed to doing now, if I pass a song I want to hear, I will skip back twice and then forward once. That way it doesn't mess up and skip backward, once the song is done.

Sound crazy? Give it a try =D

nick.dollimount 02-26-2009 08:39 AM

This still exists in =(

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