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hugolover 04-01-2009 08:11 PM

Roaming with a Bold

I am very happy to have found BBForums and I have my first questions.

I have read the threads RE using another SIM in a BB device. In my situation I have a BB plan from T-Mobile UK and I can get a separate plan in an EU country where I get unlimited data. If I put the SIM from the foreign provider in my BB will I be able to receive email? I thought yes as surely it can contact T-Mobile's BIS servers to download email and will it go through the same server for browsing?

The alternate option is to take out a roaming plan with T-Mobile. They offer me unlimited email access when roaming. Now, if I go through the BB access point/server surely it can be web too, how do they know what I am doing? If it is just email or I am surfing the web.

T-Mobile told me the maps are all on the BB Bold for Europe so there will be no charges abroad to use it, is that right?

I am a new BB user as you can probably tell.

Thank you in advance.

dc/dc 04-01-2009 09:19 PM

You will need a BlackBerry data plan in each country in which you intend to roam. Further, you will need to add all accounts from which you collect mail to these new BIS accounts.

Also, no maps are stored on the device, so there will be charges if you roam with your T-Mobile UK SIM card.

Also, they can differentiate your traffic.

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