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ironike 05-03-2009 08:11 PM

Installing Destop Manager with Media Manager
I lost the original disc that came with my Bold that had the Desktop Manager program on it, so when I migrated to a new machine, I had to download another Desktop Manager program from the Blackberry website. I had to use a very slow public computer to do this, so I only downloaded the smaller version without Media Manager in order to save time and money (in itself a 25minute download!).

Now that I can tether again, I downloaded the Desktop manager version with Media Manager and attempted to install it over the lesser one that is currently installed. But, it will not show the media button on the main page of the Desktop Manager like it did on my old computer. I cannot do anything with music, pics, or video as it stands. Basically, the program will unzip and go through all the prompts and motions but there is no difference after it is finished. Is it there and I'm just not accessing the right menu? I remember the appearance of the full version, and it's missing the key button.

I would like to avoid uninstalling the old version and just install the new one over the old one. The last time I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Desktop Manager on my old machine, for some reason Desktop Manager and AT&T Connection Manager lost the ability to communicate for some reason.

Being a little gunshy now on my new machine, how can I avoid an uninstall/new install, and just upgrade the existing Desktop Manager using the downloaded Desktop Manager with Media Mangager which I now have on disc?

ndub33 05-03-2009 08:19 PM

In this particular case, you are probably faced with uninstalling and reinstalling to the new Desktop Manager version. First, verify that you have downloaded a DM version that includes the Media Manager.

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