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The Crunch 05-29-2009 05:58 AM Two oddities!?!? I HAVE to use WiFi??
Hey folks, I've been running 5.0 .93 and it works great and everything. However, how come I am forced to turn on WiFi to get online when there are routers available?? That's a battery drainer over time, no??

Speaking of the browser, the BlackBerry option is gone, and only MediaNet, and this "HotSpot" browser are left. Am I missing a service book? I have it set to HotSpot, and from the 2nd menu (MediaNet/FireFox/BlackBerry), I selected BlackBerry...

I really like it, and it works...sort of. ;) I would just like to know about the browser and WiFi...

Thank you! :)

MidnightDraven 05-29-2009 06:11 AM

This is a VERY early beta.
Their are problems, as mentioned in the beta thread here:

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