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gtg287y 09-08-2009 09:24 AM

The current media can not be played from the network.
I'm using a Blackberry Bold simulator (with the MDS running, able to get to the internet), and trying to stream video from the internet (a .3gp file, known to work on the system). However, when I attempt this, I get the following message after it finishes buffering:

"The current media can not be played fromt he network. Save it first for local playback".

And then it gives me the option to save the file. If I do, I can then play it just fine.

However, I'd heard that the Bold was capable of HTTP progressive download. What is going wrong?


gtg287y 09-08-2009 11:44 AM

Edit: The same media ALSO cannot be played from an actual Blackberry 9000. In both cases, it can be downloadeded sucessfully. Additionally, attempting to stream RTSP video (such as from times out, saying that the content either does not exist, or the server is not running. ("Content not available. Server is blocked or unresponsive" is the message I get, both from the simulator, and the real Blackberry 9000)


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