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gtmanning123 09-08-2009 11:17 AM

Cannot receive SMS messages over the limit
Quite simply, I cannot seem to receive SMS text messages over the (either 140 or 160 - not sure, doesn't really matter) limit. If someone sends me a text over the character limit, my Blackberry receives just the first part of the text within the limit, and says "Receiving Text" at the end. I do not get any other messages for the text that went over the limit, I simply get one text that is cut off at the limit.
Help would be highly appreciated, Thank you.

UPDATE: I just sent a text to myself that went over the limit, and here's what happened; the first part under the limit was recieved, then it said "receiving more" and the rest of the text appeared and thus it appeared as one whole text, with no problems. So the new problem being, I had a real text sent from someone (that went over the limit) a few hours ago (NOTE:WAS IN AN AREA OF LITTLE TO NO SIGNAL) and it seems stuck on "Receiving Text". My guess is that the second part of the text got stuck as the signal dissappeared and still is any ideas?
UPDATE: It's a blackberry bold - and since the first part of the text was received I have been, and still am in, areas of high signal.

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