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Bruce-YVR 09-10-2009 11:45 PM

Guys... sorry to be a pain...
I am going to Asia tomorrow and want to use the phone but I need to turn the data off so no e-mails etc would be pulled ( downloaded ) so I dont need to pay a big bill...last time I thought I did... but of course I didnt... ended up a $700 invoice

Please guide me to turn off data service. Thanks


Bruce-YVR 09-10-2009 11:48 PM

Wait... I think I got it....

Manage connections>Mobile network options> data service> then switch ON or OFF

Socialblackberry 09-11-2009 12:12 AM

you can also call your carrier and have them block data services.....

hrbuckley 09-11-2009 08:12 AM

Or set it to off when roaming and leave it like that.

littleman 09-11-2009 01:23 PM

Wirelessly posted (bold 9000)

When I went to jamacia I set it off while roming and shut it off with att to double check. 2 min call when I got back to the states and turned it back on.

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