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limeares 08-11-2010 04:26 PM

Battery Problems

My battery is very weird. I've tried OS .822 and .681.

My battery is draining so fast even without use.. Only idle, like in 5 hours idle battery is dead.

BUT, yesterday, with BIS active (in my country I have the option to activate BIS for days that I want) battery is WONDERFUL. I achieved all-day battery even BBMing all the time, and online all day in Windows Live Messenger, with OS .681. I do not have Facebook application installed.

Today, without BIS active, my battery was horrible even in idle (I dont use my BB if I don't have BIS access)

Any advice?

Thanks a lot

Installed apps:

Windows Live Messenger
BB App World
Google Sync (auto sync disabled)
Twitter (auto refresh tweets in the background disabled)
Google Maps (never left running in the background)

update 2:
i think google sync is the issue... i reinstalled google sync yesterday night.
Has anybody experienced Google Sync problems?

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