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D Ward 03-05-2011 05:05 PM

White screen
I plugged my blackberry into the charger, the battery wasn't dead but wasn't showing full on the blackberry. About an hour later I noticed the screen was white. I unplugged the charger and pushed some of the buttons, but nothing happened. If I pushed the mute key the red light would show for a second and then it would seem to go through the booting process, and it would get as far as "verifying software" and then seem to turn off again, as the blackberry wouldn't turn on again. I tried removing the battery and putting it back in, only to have the same problem. I put the previous battery in and it booted up and now works fine. What I don't understand is why this happened? The battery I had in at the time of this problem was less than a month old, and this problem didn't occur until I plugged in the charger, though not for the first time. I have charged it before quite a few times without encountering this problem and the battery is an OEM battery, though I did buy it on Ebay. I'm just concerned that this may happen again, without my being aware of it until I try to use the phone.
Any advice would be appreciated, including from whom I should buy another battery if that is the problem.

Dubdub 03-05-2011 05:20 PM

Re: White screen
Batteries can fail for whatever reason. Had one go south on my 9000.

One thing about the lithium ones, don't let them run down completely. If they get much below 20% for a few cycles then battery can be damaged. [i]nn fact, it is a good plan to keep them topped up when you are near a charger. Some devices will automatically turn off at 20%.

D Ward 03-05-2011 06:28 PM

Re: White screen
That's the thing though, it was a new battery which I charged fully for 24 hours and then plugged in the charger well before it had reached a 50% level. I'm wondering if the problem was caused by buying the battery off of Ebay. Can you recommend a good source to buy a new battery from? Thanks.

Dubdub 03-05-2011 09:46 PM

Re: White screen
My 9000 was an AT&T device and I got the battery from them. I would check the carrier and see if they have one.

Could have been a bad battery. Was it an OEM or just one that would work?

D Ward 03-07-2011 03:40 PM

Re: White screen
It says OEM and Rim on the battery, but I guess that doesn't mean it's not a fake. One thing I did notice as far the physical appearance of the battery goes,on the original battery which is not a fake, but had died, you can feel the printing on the battery. On the one I purchased from Ebay, which is the one with which the white screen appeared, the print on the battery is smooth. I don't know if this means it is a fake.

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