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rapattack 05-02-2011 08:25 AM

Music not syncing to media card
Hi this is taking forever to understand but according to the desktop software i think it is saying that my music on the computer is syncing to the device and not the media card. I thought it was but opened the software today more to tackle the issue of most of the music i had ripped from my cd's using windows media player was then not on the blackberry. When i checked the devices file manager a while back it seemed to suggest that the files were on the media card but the software today is telling me otherwise. I am in the page that says media sync>music and there is a list of songs i guess that are on my hard drive. There is a button at the bottom of the page that is in blue that says "random music". On the left of that is a meter that says it totals 1gb and under that it says 'exceeded available space by 0 bytes'. 80% of the meter is blue and the rest is grey. I looked into some options thinking that this stupid software is picking songs for me which is why it says random music but i could not see any change or anything absolute to do. I have a 32gb card and i have maybe 10gb at least of music to throw on the card.
I have also asked a few times on how to get this card set up via this forum or another i can't remember but i never seem to get very far. Very complicated. I still fairly new to this blackberry. This is the only one i have ever owned :0)
Would appreciate some advice as i have read way too many pages on the net and tutorials and none are what i am talking about :0)
Oh i also tried to sync using windows media player and it only lists in its file manager whats on my hard drive, the blackberry device, apps and a couple of songs that i must have dragged over to the device when i first got ths device before i got the media card.

rapattack 05-05-2011 08:35 AM

Re: Music not syncing to media card
OK i found this somewhere on my device.
Device memory 859.2mb
Music 87% 753.7mb
Pictures <1% 3.5mb
Other 1% 12.7mb
Free 11% 89.1mb

Media card 31.00mb
Music 2% 758.5mb
Pictures <1% 14.3mb
Documents <1% 83.8mb
Other <1% 7.2mb
Free 98% 30.2gb

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