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ebruder 05-12-2011 05:46 PM

Would appreciate upgrade advice
I haven't posted in quite some time, so this might have been covered, yet search wasn't of great help in my slightly odd situation.

I have a Family Plan with AT&T with me using a Bold 9000 and my wife using a very simple non-smart phone, which is now traveling lost in a cab in Manhattan. Time for a new phone for her, but that is simple. The contract has expired, so I am eligible for a new Blackberry at very good prices. In fact, a Torch would cost me nothing. My only choices from local AT&T stores is the Torch or a Curve. I like my 9000 very much, and I really have no need for a touch screen, but would use it a little if I had it.

Now the question: Do I keep my perfectly good 9000 and wait to replace it until the 9900 comes out (again touch screen but with conventional), get a Torch or Curve (why?), or just sit until I have a need or see something ultimately that is "a need to have"?

I use the phone for calls and heavy e-mail (little texting), and some surfing, plus a few apps.

All comments would be welcomed.



aiharkness 05-12-2011 06:06 PM

Re: Would appreciate upgrade advice
My opinion, if the 9900 is coming to AT&T, wait.

It is not an emergency -- you don't need a new BlackBerry this instant -- and the new devices appear to promise a much bigger step up than we've known in the past.
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devnull 05-12-2011 06:12 PM

Re: Would appreciate upgrade advice
I agree. Wait for the new line.

fhqrnr 05-12-2011 10:05 PM

Re: Would appreciate upgrade advice
Maybe you can try 9650 or 9780 if there are contracts with ATT

ebruder 05-14-2011 08:57 AM

Re: Would appreciate upgrade advice
Thanks for the comments. I am going to wait and use my perfectly good 9000 until something comes along that knocks my socks off.


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