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ZliDebeljko 08-14-2011 10:35 AM

advice please
Hi guys.. Hope you can help... this one already answered in other forum, but like to have second opinion, since I got to much oposing info in general..
I have bb 9000 my friend gave me, he was using it in his company but they gave him new one, and he "forgot" to return this one (pretty sure they don't care where is it).. worked with T-mo SIM used by employee in same company after he gave me BB, I wiped it clean, removed IT policy with blank policy, removed BES, updated new OS, unlocked it from T-mo network (sim, network, network subset, service provider, corporate - all disabled), but having problems with "insert sim card" and "SOS" no matter what sim I put in (only sim I haven't tried is his, because he is away). I have few questions:
1. do you have to have BIS SIM to be able to activate BB funcionality, or prepaid SIM should be able to have network
2. is it possible there is more IT protections present? (I hev reset it to factory using JL_Cmder)
3. is there any other type of T-mo's protection I am unaware so still locked to specific SIM
and 4. is there a way to find out is this phone reported lost or canceled at T-mo??

thanks in advance, all advice appriciated...

rambo47 08-14-2011 11:39 AM

Re: advice please
You can call T-Mobile and ask them if the PIN is blacklisted.

You should be able to get a cellular signal and make phone calls/send sms with a pre-paid SIM card just like a regular SIM card. If all you get is SOS or "Invalid SIM" it sounds like the phone is not unlocked.

ZliDebeljko 08-18-2011 01:13 AM

Re: advice please
thank you for your info..

it doesn't matter what sim I put in.. always the same reaction - "insert sim card" and "SOS"

I googled a lot about this problem and found that if under options/advanced options/SIM card everything is disabled than is unlocked..

maybe I entered wrong MEP2 so I rendered my phone useless.. not sure what is going on.. wierd

ZliDebeljko 08-25-2011 03:26 AM

Re: advice please
could the PIN being un-released act in such way to block everything?

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